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Message from Nigel Farage MEP

I have been a member of the European Parliament for eight years and during that time I have seen more and more of our sovereignty being transferred away from Westminster to Brussels.

In 1975, we thought that we were voting for a trading arrangement with our European neighbours, not the political union we are now in. Nobody under the age of 50, myself included, has had the opportunity to voice an opinion on our relationship with the EU in a binding referendum.

Now that we know our new Prime Minister intends to push ahead with the European Project, regardless of public opinion, I want us to have a fair and open vote on where we where we would like it to go. Even if we get a chance to vote on the new 'Reform Treaty', the majority of our laws are still made in secret in Brussels, and most people in this country are unhappy with our current relationship, preferring a looser arrangement.

Our government promised us a referendum on the EU Constitution which, knowing they will lose, they have reneged on. Let us send a message to them and say 'Enough is Enough.' It's our country and we demand to have our say on it's future.


Nigel Farage MEP
Leader of the UK Independence Party